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PandoraToday reviews Giana’s Return! (German)

Screeny of PandoraToday had the pleasure to review one of the recent beta’s. So for those who doubt about the existence of the game, there is text and lot’s of screenshots!




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  1. Google like to translate things to English =)

    Or any other language for that matter =)

  2. Ah thanks Louise, I couldn’t read it before. :)

  3. Oh, I’m sorry ;)
    But I can’t translate this into english…
    My “school”-english isn’t good enough :)


  4. Brakken of is working on an english review of the game!

  5. Congrats!

    – Btw, I got a request: Could you offer a jump sound effect similar to the one in the C64 version ?

    Alternatively you could offer an option to change between a sound effect that’s similar to the Amiga version (the current one) and one that’s more similar to the C64 version.

    Thank you so much for working on this game.


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