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Hardcore Gaming Session

Our Beta-Tester Mulle had really a hardcore gaming session with Giana’s Return – he was able to solve the game within almost two hours and without the use of warp zones.

Do you think two hours are enough gaming material? :)




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  1. That’s a long time for a platformer. :)
    I like to take my time and explore so I bet it will take me longer!

  2. no that’s not enough. take another couple of years tp release it! LOL

  3. that’s really enough. please please release the game. if there is a missing feature it could be include in the next version. maybe in maria’s return ;)

  4. ok that is enough , 2 hours is good. But I hope there be more Extra levels in the future :).

    Release the game NOW !!

  5. If I remember right Giana Sisters have not one hour to finished the game with warp zones.

  6. Giana DS took me longer than that, but because I refused to start playing the next level until I had beat the previous level 100 %. :-)

    Hey will there be lots of text in this game? Since you’ve been making a couple of posts regarding translation..

    When you release the game, I will record my first play-through on video and upload to youtube or something. ^^

  7. This game be released before Christmas ?? I will play it today.

  8. It’s MORE than enough. The demo is much longer than I expected anyway so to find out there’s a potential 2 hours worth of gameplay is orgasmic. Release the damn thing!

  9. Yeh plenty of time! It’s always possible to release extra level packs? I can tell you are perfectionists but it seems like it’s time to release :) I want it in time for my holiday soon!


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