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Back Online!

We had a MAJOR issue with our server but we are back online. Even if this incident delays the release once again (yeah, nothing new), we haven’t been lazy.

More news once we have a bit more time on our hands!




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  1. How can this delay the release? Pls, don’t tell me that you lost a part of the work.

  2. Well, it’s nice to have you back :D

  3. And I thought the site was down because the game was done, and a new site was being put up =(

  4. I assume that fixing the website and restoring the data took a fair bit of time and effort. That just means that time and effort weren’t being spent on the actual game development. I’m hoping there wasn’t any major work lost, and I haven’t heard anything of the sort.

  5. Main problem was, that due to the server outtage, the bugtracker was also not accessable. We are all too old to remember everything in our head, so our only “hint source” was down too :D ;)

  6. WB ! I missed you guys >_<


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