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Knock Knock!

Who is there?




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  1. The DOWNLOAD link? ;)

  2. Giana? Maria? :P

  3. I’m here, and I want to test the first public beta ! I have a GP2X, an homebrew enabled Wii, a Dreamcast and a Debian “Sid” box, please let me know if I can give you a hand ! Bye, Magic Sam

  4. Me too me too! I am here too! I need to type more characters, otherwise my comment will be ‘too short’.

  5. Åke, if you say “Åke who?” I’ll answer Åke who’s patiently waiting for Giana’s return =)

  6. We are here your Fans >_<

  7. I’m here, of course.

  8. yeah! i’m also here and i want to play the current beta. the best would be for linux (debian/ubuntu) and dreamcast ;)

  9. I´m here as well, see me, see me -=[I´M HERE!!]

  10. Please help us; what is that?!

  11. I am here too, greatings from Hungary!

  12. I am here too. :-) Still waiting…

  13. I’m here and waiting.

  14. I’m here too, I didn’t knock though.

  15. This is a very cruel joke, and not very funny.

  16. Hmm… the answers are not that creative ;)

  17. MARIA !! MARIA !! MARIA !! MARIA !!

  18. I thought the 1st of April is over!? ;-)
    Keep up the good working, Giana Sisters Team!


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