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Giana’s Return WIZ – Public Beta 2

We have released the second public beta, you can get it here:

It’s untested, so let us know if you find any problems ;) Somehow we were not able to catch any WIZ owner for testing in advance…

* No overclocking required anymore
* Replaced the spikey treecactus with another object, due to severall requests.

Please delete any old installation before you use this one!




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  1. Hello, and first, thanks so much for this great game !!!

    I don’t know if it’s the right place for a bug report, but, well, here we go !

    – The sound volume is really too loud at start and worst, when you try too changing it, first it goes to the loudest possible !
    – If I change the volume on “salvador Dali” screen then I have no more SFX during the game
    – Difficulty can be fun, but too much difficulty is just boring and annoying, making me shut down my Wiz too much times !I explain…
    Level 43, at start, just after the first flame, the jump is near impossible to do ! I’ve tried and tried and tried, and finally passed the gap on only one pixel !
    Level 44, quite the same thing in the middle of the level (one pixel jump), I have managed to pass it using a jump on a bee, but once the bee killed and if you die a little later, it’s finished, you can’t pass the jump anymore (and with the spiky monster at the end, it happens often…)
    Level 45 ! Aaaaaaargh ! I’ve tried this one more than 100 times (no joke)! The several jumps over the flaming platform in the underground near start are just impossible, especially with the next bug…
    -Sometimes, waiting on a edge of a flaming platform, Giana “flash” once like if she catching a “growing ball” and then fall of the platform ! When you try to pass something like level 45, it’s just -CENSORED-…
    -Maybe all my problems are coming from a little too “edgy” collision detection, I have even see my Giana missing the edge of a cliff by moving back one pixel when reaching it, like sliding on it… Or be killed by flames even without touching it (I swear…).
    -It’s not a bug, but just a question : What is the advantage of going “big” except the fact you can break block with your head ? I haven’t seen any other difference (more life, higher jump…).

    So, another time, a lot of thanks, it’s a really really good game and I like it so much !! Even if sometimes your success is more a matter of luck than of skills…

  2. Hey, it’s me again !

    You know what ? I have finaly pass level 45 ! Wouhou ! (lucky, lucky !)But…(Sorry)after the indian Xealander boss, during the first swamp stage, the game start acting like speedy gonzales on steroids ! So I have quit the game and shut down my Wiz… Bad idea. Now, after “the old woman of the swamp” cutscene, the game crash and directly exit right to the Wiz system menu… Sorry…

    Good luck in fixing the bugs, and another time thanks for the game !

    PS : The “flashing-falling Giana” bug is easy to reproduce. Stay on the edge of a platform block with only one pixel of your feet on it and just wait 2 seconds…

  3. Hi,

    great job but when will the ubuntu version be released?


  4. probably with the win32 version or just after.

  5. I noticed the file was updated to public beta 3 today.
    What’s the changes?

  6. Hey !

    Thx for the Beta 3 ! But…(I am going to be “Mr But-Man”, with only one T, thanks !”
    The game still crashing on the swamp level “code : MBV529”

    Am I alone with this trouble ?

    Another time a really big THX for all your efforts !

  7. why not a GBA version?


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