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GP2x Update!

We just got hot and fresh information from our all beloved porting machine Pickle, who is responsibel for a bunch of GP2x, Wiz and Pandora ports in the homebrew scene.

Right now MUSIC does not play on GP2x for whatever reason, this seems to be the last issue keeping us away from a public GP2x release.

We will keep you updated!




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  1. Music nows working. Im still trying to do some things to make it the best experience possible on the gp2x.

  2. Thanks for your work on optimizing gp2x version Pickle. :D

  3. Thanks for all in advance. I’m so impatient to play Giana’s Return on my GP2X :)

  4. A gp2x version is ready, should be up soon i expect.

  5. The wait is killing me :) I’m checking,, and the GP2X Archive all the time, waiting for an update ! Anyway, thanks Pickle for your work on this port :) Bye, Magic Sam

  6. Keep up the good work guys, can’t wait to play the game on my old GP2X! =)


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