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Giana’s Return goes iPhone?!

ZodTTD ( ) had some fun with the Giana’s Return source code and got it running on iPhone 3GS. We are not sure yet, if there will be a release, but what you all can have is the video :)

Update 14-08-2009 @ 01:00
We have decided for now, to let the iPhone Version rest, till we got enough feedback for the WIN32 version, which will be released on Saturday. Many of the WIZ users who promised feedback didn’t do so, so we have to rely on Windows users now. The whole things has one positive aspect, once we decide to pull other systems versions out, they can be considered almost perfect and bug free :)




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  1. Tolle Sache, aber wenn Ihr das rausbringt, möchte ich auch eine Wii-Version. :D

  2. I think I saw the first level here , Looks very Easy :), why he have the fingers on the screen ?? is he big like King Kong HAHAHHAA !!!!maybe a small console hi hi hi hi !!

    Anyway Looks Good game , and will play it on PC I hope someone can port it to Amiga OS4

  3. i need for my PSP a Version no win32 ;)

  4. An welchem Samstag? Heute? Ich hoffe es, denn ich kanns kaum noch erwarten!

  5. Are you still taking feedback on the gp2x wiz version. I’ve been playing all public betas and I think it is a great game and worthy sequel. I do have two comments regarding the latest public beta. The game still has those short but very annoying freezes sometimes in the middle of gameplay. Level 48 is impossible to complete. How can one by the 3 platforms with 3 bugs? These are all one pixel jumps.

  6. It’s Saturday, where’s the WIN32 version? :)


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