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Giana’s Return v0.99-bnz18 (Win32 Release)

It’s late saturday, but here comes the Windows 32-bit release of Giana’s Return. Released at Buenzli 18 ( ) “the” swiss demoscene event.

Buenzli 18

Giana’s Return aims to be a worthy inofficial sequel of “The Great Giana Sisters”. “The Great Giana Sisters” is an all time classic Jump’N’Run game made in the late eighties mainly by Armin Gessert, Manfred Trenz and Chris Hülsbeck and gained massive attention as a “Super Mario” copy, but it still had it’s very own charm and fanbase.

Giana’s Return is 100% FREEWARE and does not cost you a single cent, should you have paid for it please let us know so we can take legal steps and help others to avoid a possible trap. You are not allowed to distribute the download on any medias or online places without written permission. Official mirrors are available and listed on the official homepage – Please respect this! A contact form is available there.

Giana’s Return was released a while ago but was in unfinished state. This version here is fully recoded from scratch, with new graphics, new sprites, storyline, new music and many other funky things never seen before. It’s fully pimped up for your retro feeling gaming pleasure!


* 7 Worlds, with each 8 Levels – followed by a “big boss”
* Power Ups and Extras
* Oldschool style pixeled sprites and tiles
* Wonderful hand drawn backgrounds
* Illustrated hand drawn storyline
* Over 18 Tracks of Chipmusic!
* Multi-Language: German, English, French, Spanish
* Password and/or Savegame (depending on release platform)
* Hidden Warp Zones and Bonus Caves
* Hidden Trainer
* TOP 10 Highscore

It should be working without problems on any Windows XP system, other Windows version were not excessive tested.

Download WIN32 Version:

Please help us to spread the word! We rely on you! ;)




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  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah! :-D

  2. Finally! After all that waiting there is it. Big THX, now im off for playing. :)

  3. BIG THX an now the PSP VERSION ;))))))

  4. Very nice game! Thank you! Well done!

  5. Very great game. Giana Rulez!!! And thanks for releasing it at Buenzli 18, it was a big surprise.

  6. Looking good! It would’ve been nice with a mid-level checkpoint and that the level gets populated with enemies and diamonds again when you die tho. Keep up the good work, guys!

  7. THANX ! A LOT ! now I hope this is Good like the first Giana sisters on C64 :)

  8. Very, very nice! The music is also very good. It could run a little bit smoother on my computer (CoreDuo 2Ghz, using -x2 -noaa), there are some frameskips here and there. Perhaps you can sync to the vertical refresh rate?

  9. we need higher Resolution in the game only 320*240 , some update so we can use at least 1024*764 or something :) , THANX ! anyway for the hard work , and like this one , this is good :)

  10. Is it possible to set rctrl=fire and uparrow=jump??? I played with giana.cfg but never managed to do that.

  11. this game must port to Amiga OS, The game feels a lil interrupt to play it when the resolution is only 320*240 but this is a real good jump’n run game. is not more Easy than the first one from 1987,but many levels is easy. GOOD WORK ! and GOOD GAME !

  12. Finally release! Thanks a lot :D

    k_fire=32 ; fire – space
    k_fire=306 ; fire – left control
    k_jump=?? ; jump – up arrow -> keep reseting when set to 48 or 273

    If any one can help with this one please post :)

    Again thanks for those who make this great game running!!!

  13. what about rctrl?

  14. Saw it at Bünzli, downloaded it and YAY it works like a charm on Linux with WINE! This is great!

  15. thanks for all your efforts making this game
    and for making it freeware.
    thanks again

  16. thanks for that great game!!!!!

    i only test it under linux with wine and thats rocks!!!

    but a real linux version would be also nice ;)

  17. NICE NICE and now the PSP Version ^^

  18. this game is like a real Amiga game , this should be released first to Amiga Computers = True !

    anyway the game ROCK !

  19. nice work!
    good to see the old classics are still (or again) alive ;)
    any plans for a linux-version? would be great.

  20. Thanks for the game guys… you guys rock!

  21. The Boss “Pythios” seems very hard!

  22. Sehr schönes Spiel, Super Arbeit!!! Hut ab!
    Retro-Feeling pur (und das bei nem neuen Spiel!!)
    Jetzt fehlt nur noch ne Dreamcast-Version…

    …und noch ne Kleinigkeit hätte ich, diese komischen grauen Stacheln?! Sind nur sehr schwer zu erkennen, wäre schön wenn man diese “gefährlicher” Aussehen lassen würde… Man läuft unbewusst hinein…

  23. Diese grauen Stacheln werden noch ausgetauscht. Es wird noch mindestens eine Aktualisierung geben (ist ja momentan V.99)

  24. Whoah! I’m a huge fan of this! Wonderful game! A few comments – any way to run it in windowed mode, or in the native screen resolution stretched (if possible – without any antialiasing)? Also – is there possibility of offering the game’s soundtrack for download as XMs or MP3s?

  25. @ DarkFalzX: use this command line: gr-v099bnz18.exe -w -x2

    Come back soon and on updated homepage you’ll find more downloads and infos about Giana’s Return :)

  26. Thanx a lot, I loved GS on the C64 back then and am glad that someone finally made a sequel, you guys rock!

  27. what is the point of this game? origina was MUCH better…

  28. cool game..editor for own level soon?dreamcast version?

  29. das habt ihr gut gemacht!
    vielen Dank dafuer…

  30. Gute Spiel – allerdings habe ich ein paar Verbesserungsvorschläge.

    – Die Kollisionsabfrage ist nicht so gut wenn man auf einem Stamm mit Feuer steht wird man schon Pixel vorher verbrannt
    – Das Wasser macht mich etwas schwindelig. Besser es verhält sich wirklich wie Wasser und wirbelt nicht so rum
    – die Musik sollte etwas “weicher” sein
    – Giana sieht auf den Fotos (Intro etc.) etwas fett aus

    Tobias Köck

  31. Super Spiel! Aber der Xhale is wohl n ganz harter hund!

    Wonderful game! But the Endboss Xhale is a very hard enemy!

  32. Ich habs geschafft! Aber der nächste Level ist ja nicht unbedingt viel leichter! Super gemacht – arbeitet bitte weiter an diesem Projekt. Macht sehr viel spaß! Kann man eventuell sowas wie eine Online-Highscoreliste mit rein machen? Währe noch viel geiler!

  33. Wird es auch eine Portierung für den GP32 sowie für die PSP geben, und falls ja – wann können wir damit rechnen ?

  34. Wird es auch eine 64-Bit-Version?
    Wenn ja, wann?
    (Ich nutze Linux und die Lib32-Arie ist echt anstrengend… :-( )


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