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Feedback so far!

We got plenty of feedback so far, thanks a lot for that.

We did a small messup with one of the objects in world one, namely that grey peaky stone, which you can hardly recognize. We will fix that with the next release, along with other small problems. Please allow 3-4 weeks for the changes, as our coder is on vacation :)

If you have more feedback, let us know! Good or bad, we don’t mind!




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  1. good to know that you take care of this stone issue, very nice! :-)
    i also recognized that the power ups were placed randomly and i ask myself whether this was your intention or not…

    other than that the game is great!

  2. I’d really like it if you released a Win32 version with gamepad support and windowed mode support.

  3. @ Chicken: It’s possible to play it on windowed mode. Check the included file gr-options.txt

    Create a shortcut of the exe file and add the options on the targed form.

    Example for windowed mode: gr-v099bnz18.exe -w

  4. Can I change Resolution in the game ?? or something on the exe file ???

  5. @Night_creature
    you can run it in 320×240 or 640×480 windowed mode by doing the following:
    1.)right click on exe file->create shortcut
    2.)right click on newly created shortcut->properties
    3.)placing a -w after the target runs it in windowed mode @320×240
    4.)adding a -x2 doubles the resolution to 640×480

    for example:
    “C:\Games\Gianas Return\gr-v099bnz18.exe” -w -x2

    5.)click ok
    6.)now you can start the game in 640×480 windowed mode by running the shortcut.

  6. Ok Thanx ! but play this on a LCD 19″ screen , I can’t say this game looks beautiful , that is the reason , why I need to play it in High Resolution 640*480 , I hope it be some update in the future , but I still play the game anyway , Thanx ! again for the Hard work :-)

  7. I mean 640*480 is not enugh

  8. Please enable use of UP_ARROW for jumping.

    I enjoy this game very much!

  9. WOW!!!!
    2 days iam not online and u release it.

    i loooove it!!!

    thanks for u´re very very hard work.

    *space shout be fire and the up jump*

    TY again


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