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Bug reports!

Thanks for the massive amount of useful bug reports! Our bugtracker is extremly filled up with bugs, user wishes and things which have to be reconsidered. Going into details right now would be a bit too much…

As the Win32 version is also our main development version, there wont be any updated versions for GP2x Wiz and GP2x until things are fixed.

Count with a better release in three to four weeks.

In the meantime, enjoy playing!




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  1. At I can see the refilled bugtracker, most of them are not bugs, but improvements ;)

  2. and I disagree with some of them :)
    add physics: is it a joke? players can see a little girl doing 4 meters high jumps (and don’t find anything wrong about that) but they talk about realistic physic(wrong gravity)?
    Hey guyz, what about magic?

  3. Hahah… XD How about Red Bull :D

  4. No advertising here Mulle! Or we fire you as beta tester… now tell… how much Red Bull paid ya? ;)

  5. Please add magic.

  6. You’re scaried of firing me :D 2 cent per fly jump ;)

  7. Level 45 was nice HAHAHAHA !! I die a lot there.

    This game is GREAT !!! I will have it to old computers like C64 and Amiga :-)

  8. I will only have more Extra levels for this game in the future , if that is possible ?????

  9. Please add a online-highscore!

  10. This game rox!
    Playability and Gfx are excellent .. Scrolling fullscreen is not so excellent.
    BUT .. This game rox!
    Thanks guys!

    btw .. lvl51 is a sh1t. :(


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