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A finished engine and it’s possibilities…

Considering we have a fully working jump and run engine, which just requires some more minor tweaks, there are possibilities to create other jump and run games based upon the same engine. After Giana’s Return… what would be the next sequel you would like to see… or would you prefer something “own”? Let us know via the comment function!




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  1. hhhmmm…. what’s about another remake of a Game? It’s hard to decide something, because i haven’t ever played Ginas Return and have no idea, how the Engine is…
    I am better waiting for the GP2x version, before I give some ideas ;)
    First finish this game, than you should talk about another game (so I think) ;)

  2. how about another c64 classic like montezumas revenge??

  3. Hmm…. Superfrog would be a nice challenge, wouldn’t it? Although Lithiumdream already has a great engine running for that one :)

  4. Super Mario Bros. :-) :-)

  5. Hard N Heavy 2!!!! It would be perfect for the engine. Make a sequel to the Giana spinoff that is Hard N Heavy. I love that game. The graphics are a bit dark, but it’s a nice game.

  6. I’d like to see you produce an original title. But if you’ll chose to make another remake don’t forget to consider remaking Mr Nutz =)

  7. Wonderboy would be a nice remake

  8. I actually wrote a looooooong and detailed answer some days ago, but somehow it didn’t get through…

    Here’s the short version:

    1. Release the source code

    2. Create your own game


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