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Giana’s Return v0.99.6 – Work In Progress

As we managed to break few things in the last release, we are working on a hopefully better one…

Changes so far:

* Fixed screen shakes at bosses (cosmetic fix)
* Getting a powerup at a dissolveable bridge should temporary stop the bridge from crumbling away
* Jumping behavior is back to “normal” again, this should solve several issues intruduced with v0.99.5.
* Fixed owl moving behaviour in Level 32
* Fixed positioning bug after bonus cave in Level 45
* WIZ / GP2x – Fixed scripting bug, which left things in the RAM instead of freeing it.




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  1. ich kann warten, bis jetzt alles super!!!

  2. Been playing version 0.995 and there is a typo in the introduction to the swamp world. At one point it the text says “Suddenly the old women grabs…” it should say “Suddenly the old woman grabs…”. Also the wiz version (which I’m playing) still has those annoying short freezes and slow downs.

  3. When Giana shoot the stoneballs/fireballs = a lil faster should be nice , and jumping a lil more :-)

  4. Giana sisters

    see how fast she shoot the fireballs ,and I will have them they jump a lil more.

  5. Actually, I don’t think it helps the gameplay to shoot the fireballs faster. I’m happy as they are. Just because its faster in the original doesn’t mean this version has to be just the same.


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