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Next possible projects…

We got the following suggestions for our next project, based upon the Giana Engine:

  • Montezumas Revenge
  • Superfrog
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Hard’n’Heavy
  • Mr. Nutz
  • Wonderboy
  • “Own creation”

In fact we already had made our minds up before we asked this question, but you never know if there are any good suggestions :) …

Higest possible is a “Hard’n’Heavy” type game with own influences – so it will be a mix of “Hard’n’Heavy” along with “own influences” ;) The coder has showed his interest in a H’n’H type game and it would perfectly fit for the engine, as there wouldn’t be too many things to change.

This time we will put a little bit less effort in the game, so things will speed up dramatically. Music doesn’t need to be exclusive we think, but it should be definatly finest chiptunes from the demoscene. The backgrounds will NOT be handdrawn, this simply eats up too much time as we have seen with Giana’s Return.

Anyway… let’s finish Giana’s Return for now! Stay tuned!

PS: To the guy who suggested “Super Mario Bros.”… we don’t want to get our arses kicked by big N :) So this is a 100% no go.




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  1. Sweet. I suggested Hard N Heavy. :) If I recall, I don’t think the game had any backgrounds other than a black screen. Looking forward to seeing how things go!

  2. Wonderboy, please :) !!

  3. I wanna see Super Mario Bros or Montezuma Revange, 2 great games

  4. Superfrog please….Superfrog please….Superfrog please….Superfrog please….Superfrog please….Superfrog please….Superfrog please….

  5. Superfrog? Try!

  6. @ Ciro:

    Yeah, Wonder Boy in Monster Land was one of my favorites in my childhood times… A game… a dream … ^^

  7. Wonder Boy 3 the Dragon´s Trap is my favorite game.

  8. Well I think Hard’n’Heavy would be nice! But at the moment I’m still looking forward playing Giana’s Return!

  9. Or make an own creation and suprise us all!

    :-) :-) :-)

  10. I say do your own stuff.

  11. Wonderboy in monsterland or any of the other wonderboy games would be awsome


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