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Beta (05-07-2007) News

  • Fixed ovlay error at the highscore table
  • Replaced static fullscreen “Game Over” with a part-transparent “Game Over” – Looking much better now!
  • Screen is fading darker now at “Game Over” and/or dieing.
  • Resolved Password-Cheating Bug

more news to come… :)




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  1. Cool

  2. More more more!!!! We NEED a release :)

  3. Hi there guys. Thanks for the email. I’ve added this page to my favourites – I’ve decided to feature the game in the magazine when it’s actually released – hope that’s cool with you.


  4. how can i download this game? :) please a link..:)

  5. It’s not available for download yet. Currently, only internal beta’s are released for the lucky few who are in the testing team… (And no, I’m sadly enough not one of them)


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