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Giana’s Return v0.99.6 (Hotfix) – for GP2x & Wiz

After the hotfix for Windows, here comes the hotfix release for GP2x and Wiz users. It’s highly recommended to use this latest version, as the game could not be completed in the previously released update (v0.99.5).

Changes so far:

* Fixed screen shakes at bosses (cosmetic fix)
* Getting a powerup at a dissolveable bridge should temporary stop the bridge from crumbling away
* Jumping behavior is back to “normal” again, this should solve several issues intruduced with v0.99.5.
* Fixed owl moving behaviour in Level 32
* Fixed positioning bug after bonus cave in Level 45
* WIZ / GP2x – Fixed scripting bug, which left things in the RAM instead of freeing it.
* WIZ / GP2x – Recompressed music files, hardly any quality difference BUT saves 7mb of space!

Thanks to Pickle for the hard porting work!




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  1. it crashes right after the main screen on my gp2x f200

  2. Runs quite beeter on the gp2x wiz. Though the there was still some freezing and stuttering in the first 3 or 4 levels.



  3. Pocket : I’ve got the same problem on my gp2x F200

  4. Doesn’t work on my GP2x F100 too (it crashes when I want to start).

  5. Can anyone get past level 51? I simply can’t get past the jump right after the checkpoint. The edge needs to be longer so you don’t constantly fall your death if miss the jump up the upper ledges.

  6. All run good on my Wiz, tanks for this great game!

    I realy like it! Good job!


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