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Project Manager on vacation!

The project manager of Giana’s Return, who also updates this webpage most of the time, is on vacation in China.

Don’t expect any updates for the next 10 days, also don’t expect any answers, unless the rest of the team might raise a voice :)

Zài jiàn!




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  1. Yaaay, Kojote will not bother me in the next days :)

  2. You’ve your tasks anyway… :)

  3. Vacation deserved. Have fun. :D

  4. Hey, do you guys know what is this about?

  5. Hello again :)

    Three more bugs I found… ;)

    While exploring desert extra levels I died twice.

    One entrance have so low ceiling so you can’t get out, and another one (next to the tall column) have killed me instantly, right after emerging from bonus level.

    Third one (you probably won’t do anything about it) – it is possible to stand no spikes after fight with pythios… just jump above them, so you fall on them when level-ending text appear on the screen – effect: you stand on the spikes and don’t die :)

  6. @Blizzard

    your link and other in Google:


    It´s a real remake from The Great Giana Sisters to the PC.

    The Publisher is BHV Software and the Releasedate is 31.12.2009

    The Sounds are new make by Chris hülsbeck.

  7. Edit: the link from world of video was broken. I have a screenshoot make from the wov site:

    The game is out of order in some online shops.

    We will see which game is better giana´s return or BHV Softwares Giana Sisters Remake ^^

  8. Ich denke es wird nur eine billige Kopie von Giana Return ;)

  9. @ Gerd

    Warten wir es ab :D

    Also ein Level Editor wo man sich selbst ein komplettes Spiel basteln kann find ich schon sehr Schmackhaft bei nur 32 Levels in der kommenden BHV Version des Spiels.

    Das war und ist das, was ich bei Giana´s Return vermisse, auch wenn der Leveleditor nen paar Bugs hat und man sich einarbeiten müsste (böse zu Kojote schiel :P )

    Ansonsten kann man noch nicht viel dazu sagen. BIs jetzt find ich GIana´s Return einfach super gelungen in Sachen Grafik und Sound sowie Gameplay.

    Ob da jemals ein anderer PC Emtwickler dran kommt werden wir erst sehn wenn es soweit ist ^^

  10. OK dudes, now it’s my turn to comment here again…

    About Giana Sisters (PC): we’ve found a similar information on Amazon last year. Maybe it’s a misinformation or hoax again like last year. And it seems BHV Software have not really the rights.

    About bugs: CMoses, you god of bug finder :D I’ve reproduced your founded bugs. Thanks again! Your 3rd comment: After defeating the mummy boss you can see, that Giana will be invulnerable when the “well done” screen appears. It’s not really a bug. It’s like the indian boss (after defeating you can fall into water). Otherwise it would be: “Well do… wooops, Game Over” and that’s a lil bit excessive :D

  11. Hello again :)

    Don’t call me like that… there’s One God I believe in… and certainly it is not me ;)

    Anyway… another bug? Ending text is saying something about memories of X quests… shouldn’t it be X=previous? Maybe I’m wrong (you know english better than me) but I’m writing just to inform :)

    One more thing… not only I like this game… my cat is watching it ant trying to hunt Giana :D

  12. Someone should make a Nice ICON for Giana’s Return :-)

  13. Agreed :) How about this?

    If you like it – you can use it :)

  14. OK, then you’re a simply 08/15 player who casualy founds the bugs :D

    No, the word “perilous” is not wrong. Its a synonym of “dangerous”.

    Yes, adding a icon is already in our todo list. Nice icon btw. I’ve saved it and maybe I’ll add it as favicon for this homepage in the next day, too.

    My english isn’t well, too. I often use the LEO translator :D Am liebsten würde ich deutsch schreiben :)

  15. Thanx ! for the icon CMoses. I like it :-)

  16. Good to know another useful word :D

  17. I finished two worlds and not die , I had 18 lives on World 3 :) , I know I missed some diamonds , but this was best so far from me hehehehe

  18. One more thing :)

    Enemies can walk over check-point sign :D
    One of them fall directly on it, and he stay on top of it :) – please don’t “repair” this :D

  19. I finished the game today with 20 lives and used no continue :)

  20. Not bad :) Next try: complete this game with 1 live without extra lives :) Good luck :P

  21. Hey Mulle I have a suggestion to the webpage. How about adding a search-the-blog feature? And another one, not directed at you, but the game. Are you guys planning on releasing an editor for the game? Or maybe release the specifications on the resource zda-files.

  22. Maybe some Christmas levels for Giana’s Return to us that love this GREAT ! GAME ! , I HOPE ! I HOPE ! I HOPE ! like Gremlins singing hehehehe

  23. You will see a x-mas edition or rather a winter edition here :) I think, we’ll put a search feature, too. Leveleditor…. uuuuhm…. no :)

  24. And Giana have Christmas Clothes on :)

  25. I finished the game today with 25 lives :)

    I hate level 51 FOREVER !!

  26. I have take Screenshots of all my Best record :)


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