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Giana’s Return Dingoo News

Slaanesh has been helping out porting Giana’s Return to Dingoo Linux (Dingux). The port is suffering from “segment faults” once you jump into a bonus cave. Today we probably have tracked down this bug, but we still need to fix and test things. If this was indeed the problem, a Dingux version could appear the next three weeks.




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  1. I might be interested in doing a port for the native firmware of the Dingoo. The source code for Giana’s Return is not publicly available currently, right? If you’re interested in such a native port, please contact me.

  2. We have been talking with alekmaul, a french developer, who is one of the active guys doing native Dingoo stuff. As Giana’s Return makes heavy use of SDL, it would be more a rewrite rather than a port. At this time it simply doesn’t make sense to work on a “native” port, even if we would prefer native.

    Thanks for your offer, Matthijs.


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