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Giana Sisters iPhone / Chris Hülsbeck Interview

Mulle got a hint from a user named tilliamable. The hint contained a link to a YouTube video where Chris Hülsbeck, sound king of “The Great Giana Sisters”, has been interviewed. The interview is fully in German and he mainly answers the questions about why a female hero and where the idea for the soundtrack came from. He also mentions that there will be an official iPhone version. With official it means that you will have to pay money for it.

As the official developers need to re-earn their investment, our unofficial version can not be released (at this time) due to respect. A commercial success of the title might lead into more games and another official part could not hurt :)

YouTube Link:




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  1. I really enjoyed producing the unofficial port of Giana Returns for the iPhone. While I still believe there’s room for both official and unofficial versions, we must respect their work. :(

  2. I don’t get it… is this a port of Giana DS to iPhone? Or that so called PC version?

  3. Great News!

    i think it will be the DS-Version. I’m very interested in how they implemented the controls on the iPhone platform…

  4. If you appreciate Chris Huelsbeck sound, then also check out his latest project. ZombieSmash! for the iPhone.


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