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v0.997 Testing!

We are currently trying to pack up whatever we added and fixed so far to push out a new version soon.

Our beta-tester Mulle is free towards end of the week so if everything goes straight there should be new versions for GP2x, Wiz and Windows. Count with x to 14 days :)




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  1. i just beat the game!
    what an amazing job you guys did. it was absolutely perfect, keeping the style the same but pushing it a bit.
    i can’t imagine what you guys have lined up next,
    is your crew going to work on another game?

  2. There are plans for something new. It’s unknown yet if it will ever happen or if the team remains the same at all. We probably will either take a big break or do some causual puzzle games for in between to free our mind. Yet the work on Giana’s Return is not finalized… to be continued… :)

  3. In the update for Giana’s Return , I hope some better Ending for all levels , like you see Giana go in to the Castle,or something..

    in the old The Great Giana Sisters , she always almost walk into a Castle.

    more diffrent music.

    Thanx for great game anyway.

  4. Aww, c’mon @Night_Creature, 2 musics per world is more than enough ;) And always go to castle is a little bit boring, eh? We have a final boss, where he is not in a castle ;) If we do that with castle, then I would say: “Same game, same sh*t!” ;)

  5. I mean some better ending for all levels , Giana only jump past the screen on every level = Boring

    the music is good.

  6. Giana’s Return is a great game! But I would love a hi-res wide screen version :-)

  7. Don’t forget to add some nice “In memoriam” screen somewhere for Armin… I think he deserves it…

  8. Yes, hi-res version will be most appereciated

  9. I’d like to second the wide-screen scaling. The “jumping out of the screen at the end of the level”, is OK as long as she doesn’t jump out, fall down on my desk, and start walking around in my appartment. That would be a bit annoying. However, please make an option to disable ingame music. And maybe add keyboard support on the high-score and jump-to-level screen.

  10. At first, we tell it again and again: this is a retro-typical game which means: pixels (= no hi-res), no movies, “simple” image story.

    The “In memorian” is already added in V0.997

    Ingame music volume configureable on giana.cfg (edit it with Notepad)

  11. Please add to giana.cfg sound_fx volume, or at least on and off option…

    It would be very useful to mute the game completely, because I often listen to something else and still want to play the game… :)


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