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Still testing…

We are still testing the game as some “follow up” bugs occoured, paired with a busy main developer (oh yes, real life!) :)

A Dreamcast port of v0.997 should also appear in the public, if there is enough demand.




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  1. Yes, PLEASE put a Dreamcast-Version in the Download-Section! :)
    I already loved playing the old version of Giana’s Return on Dreamcast back in 2004!
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Cool ! it’s coming to Dreamcast.

    See my new Score/point in lives , I finished Giana’s Return again today :)


  4. Hi Gianas-Return-Team,
    i like your game and a dreamcast port would be cool. Hope to see it soon. Perhaps a dvd-cover for the dreamcast-version could be created? Greetings, Christian

  5. A dreamcast port would be great.

  6. Yeah!! Port it on DREAMCAST pleaaaase!!!

    I’ve been waiting for that!!!!

  7. ich bin gespannt auf den dreamcast port!

  8. Of course dreamcast players want to play it!
    Qu’ils soient d’ici ou d’ailleurs!

  9. Oh yeah, I really would like to play the Dreamcast Port of this! =) I’ve waited so long for this to be announced, hopefully it will work good enough on Dreamcast without extreme slowdowns or other probs.
    But again, i’ll hope the best for this cool project!

  10. We already have a first version running and there aren’t any major problem, also the limited amount of RAM does not seem to create any kind of troubles.


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