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v0.997 Testing II

The major problems are solved, just little tweaking left. A release is scheduled for 1.1.2010.

Most people of the team are busy during Christmas time, so there is no chance of an earlier release. As usual, real life kicked in :)




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  1. OK Thanx ! something new for 2010 :)

    I play now Giana’s return on an Old Monitor 17″ , Looks much better = BEAUTIFUL !!

    LCD screens/monitors SUX !! forever on old games.

    but I can’t play so good with Joypad :(, I think I fix a another computer,

    I also play M.A.M.E arcade games :)

  2. i played whole game and i had a lot of fun.i gained many impressive feelings like from the original game. higly worty sequel!

    great work!

  3. On the “Downloads” site I cant find any information at the Linux version. Have you canceled it?

  4. There is a very minor bug with the Linux builds, once this is solved we will put those public.

  5. Whow, I like your web site’s winter style. Happy holiday!

  6. I just have a look on this webside from time to time. The new look is quit cool. I like it very much and it remembers is somewhat ;). But most I’ll want to play the new version 0.97 next year :-)
    a lot of wonderfull work i juat done in this project. Don’t feel retired and just go on.

    greetz lemm

  7. I just finished 0.997. You made it easier on some certain points – very good, thumbs up! Levels above 50 were a little frustrating before ;)
    Two suggestions for improvement. Realize the same loading time than in earlier versions. At least on my gp2x it decreased a lot (about 30%@same MHz & RAM timing). Stop the flickering in the game. This seems to happen from time to time(not on the starting screen).
    Thanks for the great game and have a nice new year!!!


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