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Level editing!

We are currently in the task to reshape most of the levels, for an better optical expirience.




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  1. I recently read a comment regarding the original Giana Sisters:

    “Unlike Mario, she doesn’t bounce when she jumps on the enemies. This problem alone kills the gameplay.”

    – Will Giana be able to bounce in Giana’s Return ?

    Could it be added as an optional feature ?

  2. Even in the v0.9 Dreamcast Beta she was already able to do that… ;)

  3. In the original Giana Sisters on the C64, indeed Giana did not ‘bounce off’. BUT: On the Amiga version, which I played to death, she *did* bounce! And I liked that a lot more indeed.

  4. Giana bounces just a bit when she flattens an enemy but can also use it as a bumper (big jump) if the player press the jump button while flatenning.

  5. Cool stuff, Giana’s Coder. Respect for the discussion to keep the ‘bounce’ in :) SO looking forward to playing this…

  6. Same here. Thank for the info guys and I am glad to hear that. Honestly, I completely forgot to check the old beta.


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