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Giana’s Return v0.997 released! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Giana’s Return v0.997 hits the web! New initial version arrived for MAC OSX, Dingoo Linux (Dingux), Ubuntu Linux and Dreamcast. The GP2x, Wiz and Windows version were updated too! Please note that the MAC OSX version is a quick port/hack, also OS v10.6 is the minimum requirement.

Our heros for the updated ports: Thor, Pickle, Slaanesh, Anti, Indiket – Hail the coders!


General changes:
– modified trainer (hidden)
– updated greetings (hidden)
– modified vscroll
– enabled vscroll by default (if config.cfg is not present), otherwise change value vscroll in config.cfg manually to 1
– added “fast” option to config file
– level improvements: 29, 32, 33, 34, 35, 38, 43, 51
– reverted desert background to a previous version
– hidden diamond boxes have a flashing animation now
– fixed appearance with the spanish “well done” screen
– various graphic fixes
– fixed text in german language version
– rain or snow effects were gone after bonuscave, fixed.
– ending shows an extra screen now with final score information
– fixed screen shake if you get a powerup at the end or beginning of a level
– backgrounds hue correction

Computer Versions only:
– improved joypad/joystick control
– keyboard support for entering name in highscore and passwords
– added icon; by cmoses (thanks!)

Console & Handheld versions only:
– improved music quality (reencoded music)
– added icon




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  1. Hallo,
    Super Geil.
    ABER: vielleicht doch mal ein paar weitere Tipps zum Trainer?


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