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Any problems with v0.997?

If so, let us know! Please be as detailed as possible and mention the system you were playing on!




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  1. Well, as mentioned before, at would be nice in the dreamcast version if you at least could use the control stick. Also it would be nice if “X” could be used to fire as well. Only real bug I’ve found is the fact “Exit” is still in the menu.

  2. I am currently playing gianas return v0997-w32. Sometimes the sound effects for collecting the red points is not played. If this occurs, the sound effect is gone until I restart the game.

  3. Moin, i has made a mini trainer for the Version 0.97

    You can Download it from :

    1. Put the Trainer in to the giana´s directory

    2. Start the Trainer und press “Launch” then giana will start.

    3. Ingame you can press 1 for infinity live or 2 for infinity time or 3 für invinity energie.

    If you have problems to use the trainer:

    Do NOT press 1 2 3 on the numpad only the keyboard.

    Try it repeatedly and press 1 2 3 on the Keyboard it do work !

    The Trainer was testet under windows 98 and Windows 7 64 Bit and it works without any problems.

    Mulle said, it do not work on his PC.

    Please test and give feedback.

    Work the trainer or not on your pc´s ?

    It work´s on my Pc and on the Pc from my sister :)

  4. It works for me, but it halfs the fun.

  5. @ Lemm

    you have right. I use the trainer only in difficult levels like 51. jump on the wall is many difficult i need unlimited lives not more. not like start at begin of the level 51 after game over. Start at last checkpoint are better.

    My sister has very more fun with the trainer. she´s angry and aggressiv without trainer and kill keyboards :D

    Nobody is forced to use the trainer, but when anybody need a trainer he can use it. Nobody must cry and say the game are to hard ^^

  6. I’m using Dingoo release, after running the game and selecting the language the game crashes saying ‘unable to load music’, despite that all the files all copied correctly.

  7. @ Christian

    Save the keyboards :D !!!

  8. In addition to my earlier post @2:
    This happens occasionally when being in a bonus level (where one has to collect the red points before the time runs off) and collecting a red point at the same time the “hurry-*dööd*-notification” sound is played…

  9. Christian, your trainer isn’t available on the site you had linked any more. Could You uplad it again?


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