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Giana’s Return v0.997 Ubuntu (Fix) released

Thor had to fix the Ubuntu release, you can find the updated archive in the download section.




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  1. The dreamcast ports download works, thanks!

  2. Does’nt work on Ubuntu 9.10 :(

  3. How do I install (or start) this game on Ubuntu (9.10)?

  4. +1

    How do I install (or start) this game on Ubuntu (9.10)?

  5. there’s no full screen mode in ubuntu (10.04), just a fex pixels. can i fix that myself or will there be a bug fix of yours.

  6. @gnurp
    To start the game in full screen launch it with the -fs option:
    ./giana -fs

    I play the game on Debian Squeeze and it works perfectly in full screen even on my eee pc 900 with a resolution of 1024×600.
    Congratulations for the game, it is fun and well done!


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