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Giana’s Return Windows Level-Codes

We were quite amused when we have found out, that a webpage holds all level codes of the Giana’s Return Windows release. As you guys might find it sooner or later on your own anyway, here is the link.

PS: Don’t try those on any other release, because each system release is having own passwords :) (Nasty, eh?)

PSS: There are also a bunch of other “cheats” not listed on that page linked above




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  1. Does this mean saves between the dreamcast versions won’t be compatible? That kinda sucks. Also, I don’t see any other cheats other than passwords on the page.

  2. Como paso el ultimo nivel, estoy jugando la version dreamcast y cuando llego al final del stage solamente hay pinches y fuego…. alguien sabe que hay que hacer en el ultimo jefe?

  3. @Dustin: Each release platform has their own passwords. Our posting also just say LEVEL codes, not CHEAT codes.
    @diego: Try to read what Swampy tells you! He gives you a hint how to “solve” the situation.

  4. Thanks………..!!!! Lo termine, excelente el juego, felicidades a todos los que trabajaron en el. :)


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