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Giana’s Return goes Symbian OS?

We got mail from “anotherguest” who is famous for several ports to the Symbian OS platform. He is very interested in porting our little game, so should we go for it? :)




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  1. We are game porter #1 :)

  2. Why not? Albeit I have a s60 phone myself and wouldn’t install it. Many levels rely on pixel perfect jumps one after another, where one pixel to the left makes you fall to your death, and one pixel to the right makes you die in a fire or on a spike, resulting in a cheap death after another. It’s unforgiving and annoying enough with a good game controller, but I wouldn’t even dare doing it on a mobile phone for my own sanity. I’m sure some would appreciate it though, even if it’s only the first few levels until it becomes insane. Besides, spotting hazards among background is already difficult enough on a “large” screen.


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