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Discover some secrets

Our organizer is very busy at the moment, therefore no news since 2 weeks. Now I am on keyboard to discover some secrets on Giana’s Return. You know the ARMIN cheat? Here we have one, too :)

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  1. So let’s begin with the passwords ARM11N and SP333D. Only for hardcore gamer :D

  2. Very nice Cheat´s. hope in the final version are many more from the devilish cheats and other cheats :D

    I wish all cheats are listed with funktion here ^^

    ARM11N and SP333D are easy to understand the funktion :D

  3. That was all devilish cheats, but we have 6 other “good” official cheat codes and ofcourse a trainer with a nice crackto :)

  4. It’s time to tell the time cheat:
    – XXTIM3: Start with 180 seconds instead 160 sec.
    – SP333D: Start with 100 seconds

  5. Entering the password 3XTRA5 starts with 5 lives. To start with punky Giana, enter HA1RY1 or HA1RY2 (last one starts with shoot power).

  6. The PW 3XTRA5 give you 8 lives :D

  7. Oh, I mean +5 lives :)

  8. Giana can change into “Armored Giana”, too. You just need to collect 3 Xtra-Times and 3 Extra-Lifes. After collecting the next Extra-Bonus, you’ll be a much hale person.

    Or use the passwort-cheat code: ARM0RD

  9. Now for the absolute losers the code CR3D1T saves Maria directly without doing anything.

  10. Das ganze gibts auch kompakt auf :

    Seit ein paar Tagen ;)

  11. How to unlock the greetings / crackto with trainer:
    On stage 1 collect 1 or 2 rubies and jump against any bonus blocks (each once) in following directions: left, right, right, left, right, left, left.
    If succeed, a unlock message appears.

  12. Hidden Trainer it’s works !!!

    Unlimited live,time
    select start level and change shoot

    required 1 ruby and jump direction L R R L R L L to bonus block each once

  13. On, a side note, ARMORD doesn’t seem to work.

  14. ARM0RD 0=zero ;-)


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