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AmigaOS and MorphOS requests!

We got an offer from Frank W. to port Giana’s Return to AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS 1.x, 2.x and probably other AmigaOS based systems which we gladly accepted. He has not started the work yet, as we try to do the last tweaks and fixes to the main core. Once this is done the above mentioned systems should be served too.

On a side note we want to remind everyone again, that this project is free of charge and done in the team’s spare time. Please understand that certain things might take a lot longer than you would expect from a professional team. The whole team is busy with real life, job, university and their own families.




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  1. These are good news for our small comunity!
    Hope Frank will do it soon……

  2. +1, in dead good news.
    Amiga is not dead !!

  3. Yeha! Amiga rules!

  4. Looking forward to the AmigaOS version, thanks!

  5. great news, amigaos4 is a nice system. also great would be an aros version (free amigaos clone). this way giana really returns to their birthplace – the amiga (i know, also the c64)! nice work

  6. Hi,

    Is a port to Amiga OS 3.x on m68k possible ? I’m thinking about playing Giana’s Return on my Minimig actually :)

    Bye, Magic Sam

  7. Fantastic!!! Is the best notice to return and enjoy with the Amiga Computer and compatible, waiting for MorphOS and Amiga versions :)

  8. Jump Jump Jump! :)

  9. Oh yeah please made this ! Thats great!

  10. Will this AmigaOS 4.x Port include the OS 4.0 Classic, for the Classic Amigas aswell ?? I ask,
    because not every Giana fan has a NG Amiga, like the AOne, or Pegasos 1+2. Some People still have the gr8 classic machines with ppc acceleratorboard, and OS 4.0 Classic

    best regards gHost

  11. good news !!! Thanks

  12. GREAT !! hope this game can be fix for older amiga ??

  13. Hello! It’s very good news to Amigans! I hope there will be a version for AROS and for classic Amiga as well because of new community of Amiga users which starts from classic models. Giana Sister forever! Armin Gessert was a great games developer. Best regards!

  14. I fear that the 68k Amigas are too weak to handle and SDL-game of that complexity. But be assured that I’m interested in supporting classic Amigas and maybe I will find a way after OS4 and MOS ports are finished (e.g. by replacing all SDL code with native calls and assembler-optimizations). Depends on my time.

  15. We will wait for the Amiga Version. THXs

  16. Wo ein Wille ist ein Weg ;-)


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