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v0.998 Windows-Beta – More feedback required?!

We haven’t found any serious problems with v0.998 Windows (beta) on our own yet, but we still need you to provide more feedback. So far we only received one feedback via the comments in an older post.

Please slide down a bit, download the v0.998 beta for Windows and check if you find any bugs. Even if nothing is VISIBLE for you, this version contains changes in the playback engine for music and sound effects. We can’t go further with development with just one positive comment as it would be too unsure if there has been an oversight.




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  1. Hi,

    Is the windows version really your main version ?

    I mean, could you give us statistics about which version is the most downloaded, please ?

    IMO, Linux users like making bug reports more than Windows users, but I can be wrong :)

    Bye, Magic Sam

  2. I’m one of the linux users – but the giana binary is x86 only and does not work on my machines.
    Gamers prefer windows anyway due to better support.


  3. @Magic Sam: Yes the WIN32 version is our development version and I suppose it’s also the version with the most downloads. Indeed UNIX people are usually more helpful with bug reports.
    @Zocker: We know the Linux binary could be better. Last issues should be solved with v1.0, which will be taking some more time.

  4. where do you want feed back/bug reports? .. here or face book? will try here..

    Going slowly through the game… very well done so far. On level 36 perhaps a boundary issue with ground found myself floating in the air where I should have dropped.


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