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Sqrxz – Status!

We are heavily working on SQRXZ! The game is fully playable, minor features and little bit of bugfixing is left.

Brief information: Jump’n’Run, Action, Puzzle, Remake, not the real follow up project – just something to refresh our minds.

We will be releasing for most major systems such as GP2x, Wiz, GP32, Dreamcast, Dingoo Linux (Dingux), Windows, Wii, PSP and possibly other systems. As we do have permission from the copyright holder and creator, we shouldn’t be running into any problems releasing for the systems mentioned above.

Prepare for the possibly hardest Jump’N’Run puzzler you have every played! If you can’t handle this game, you better go and play golf :)

(11. 05. 2010) Updates can be get via now :)




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  1. Ja! Ich will es haben!

    Macht weiter so!

  2. Hi,

    If you need me as a beta tester, I’d be glad to help !

    I could play the game on GP2X, Dreamcast and Wii :)

    Bye and thanks, Magic Sam

  3. Schade nur das ihr Nicht weiter Giana sister auf andere syteme macht wie zb win Mobile ;P oder endlich mal PSP

  4. THX !!! Dreamcast Live4Ever ;]

  5. @Zahlfürnix: Was zahlste? ;)
    @MagicSam: Beta-Testing is almost done, just three levels need to be verfied, the others are working perfect.
    @Gerd: Wir machen nur eine kleine Kreativpause mit dem Nebenprojekt. Windows Mobile wäre eventuell möglich, PSP schließen wir zur Zeit aus diversen Gründen die schön öfteres erörtert wurden aus.
    @KamilloPL: Yes, DC rulez ;)

  6. I will play it like Hell , I have played Many HARD !! puzzler games on Amiga , can it be worse ? :)

  7. @Night_Creature: It can be worse, promise :)

  8. @ Gianas-Return Team: if you need someone to test the different builds for GP2X, Pandora, Wii, DC, Linux 64 bits, please let me know ;)
    Bye and thanks for your hard work !
    Magic Sam

  9. yeh yeh yeeaaaahh!!:)

    thanks, guys!

  10. @Magic Sam: Currently we don’t need any testers, we might remind you again on your offer and contact you via the GP32x boards.
    @alexis: Better thank us when it’s done and running ;)

  11. The game looks fine , some background in the game ,should be nice :)

    what is this game as ?? have I play it before on C64 or Amiga? :-)

  12. @Night_Creature: We doubt you played this on Amiga or C64 :) There will be some effect for the background, don’t worry… :)

  13. ARRRGHH !!! I will download the game NOW ! :-)

  14. When this game be released ??? I will play it MJAUUU !!!!


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