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current status

this was a busy night for most of the team members, but hopefuly worth the stress…

the tileset for world 1 which we recieved recently is beeing considered as 98%, so we could basically declare it as final.

the levels of the first world are now really considered as beeing pre-final, tho we were already talking of “final” some time ago. due to the new tileset, it was just a logical step to put hand on everything again. if our beta tester does not find any issues, then we add the appropriate music to the stages and… voila – all levels are by the way a touch longer now.

as of for the music… operator does not respond somehow and the mail to the backup music guy bounced after the mail has been sent… this story will sure give some more material in the near future.

there wont be any great giana news during the weekend, so expect updates between tuesday and thursday.

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