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Giana’s Return v0.999 (Windows, Amiga OS, MorphOS, NetBSD, Pandora)

The team has managed to update Giana’s Return! Not all ports are up to date yet, but the rest should follow.

Updated are: Windows and Pandora builds.

New are the initial ports for Amiga OS4Amiga OS4, MorphOSMorphOS, and NetBSDNetBSD (x86 & PPC). Hails go to Frank Wille.

Changelog for v0.999:

General changes:
– Extra credit screen to mention that we use Open-Source projects such as SDL, SDL_Mixer, libmodplug and zlib!
– Only tracked music remains in the game, the “OGG” solution has been dropped.
– Code is plain C now and should be even easier to port
– Plenty of “endian” fixes
– Various small fixes
– Modified “timings”
Computer Versions only:
– Experimental OGL support, to be activated with “-ogl” or “-ogl -hd” on desktop versions only. USE AT OWN RISK AND GIVE US FEEDBACK!

Enjoy the release! Join us on Facebook! Donate a few bucks if you want to buy us a coffee! Or just give feedback :)





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  1. For me… -ogl don’t work at all… just freezes the game. BTW, what this ‘ogl’ should do anyway?

  2. MANY THANX !! for this , I have wait like hell :-)

  3. @CMoses: OGL should add vertical sync, which should make the game smoother (see also options.txt) – Can you send us the error report which should be in the root directory of Giana’s Return? Thanks!

  4. thank you for the amigaos4 port!!!

  5. Screenshots are looking interesting. Downloading the MorphOS version and will see if it is as playable and listenable like the screenshots suggest already. :)

  6. When I run -ogl it just freezes (two empty files are generated – err* and std*). It don’t even ‘drain’ any of CPU.

    If I run -ogl -w it works fine – no error logs

    Using: asus eee pc 1005ha (XP SP3)

  7. Got it… I have added -x2 to options and it happen again (-ogl -w -x2).

    Screen looks more or less like this:

    however interface and game itself is still running correct. It looks that only problem is white stripe and some flickering trash on screen.

  8. I love SQRXZ , I’m on Level 11 :-)

    fun and hard , Thanx a lot for this , a perfect game for amiga, and good music.

  9. Thanks folks. This works a treat on amiga OS4. Thanks for porting to our platform, much appreciated.


  10. THX for the Port to AMIGA OS!!!!
    New Online Amiga Gaming Magazine

    9/10 Points
    Great Game!!!!!!!!

  11. I am not a great gamer but Giana is really fun and nice to play. The AmigaOS4 version works perfectly (scrolling, sound, …) on my MicroAOne (G3 800 MHz).
    This game is really a success ! Good job Giana’s team !

    And of course : thank you Frank for the MorphOS and AmigaOS4 ports !


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