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Giana’s Return (Beta 16-11-2007)

New beta with small fixes:
.pause mode
.water at end of level 5 world 1
.(new editor version)
.smahed stoned explosion less wide
.credits/lang screens restored (they were commented in the yesterday’s build)

(version available to beta-testers, not public)




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  1. schön euch so emsig zu sehen – bravo! :-)

  2. Wann gibts das Video? Bin schon ganz aufgeregt.

  3. Can’t wait, guys… Even a level editor? Does this mean 3rd-party level packs can be made available??? please? please? :D

  4. Das Video folgt in Kürze. Habe von Kojote gerade die Genehmigung erhalten, es zu machen.

  5. is there also a save mode available ? or still original … always start from the beginning ?

  6. Will depend on the release platform, but basically both options.


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