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The smell of AROS!

Frank and Yannick¬†were working together to get an AROS port of Giana’s Return done. They succeeded and everything runs smooth. As we will be releasing an update of Giana’s Return in the next few weeks, we would like to keep the AROS port back and release it once the new changes are implemented.




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  1. I for one am very happy to see this happening. Fantastic news and look forward to testing it when it is released.

  2. Very good news for all the AROS users :) Does it mean a port on Amiga m68k/AOS 3.1 (Minimig ?) is possible ? Bye, and thanks for your hard work ! Magic Sam (playing Giana’s Return on his brand new **PaNdOrA**)

  3. Cool, while waiting for the AROS version, I like to study how your web site is made: very nice !

  4. Are we getting a Caanoo port of Giana’s Return?


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