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Testing of v1.0 in progress!

With the recent modifications to the levels and the addition of four new ingame baddies plus the palette fixing for the ingame graphics, we have to test the whole game again. This might take a while, but should get the game finally to v1.0. Two levels in the last world which were critizized to be unfair and too hard, got a minor change to make them easier.




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  1. Hi ! If I can be of any help in the testing process (on Debian 64 bits, Pandora, Dreamcast and GP2X…), please let me know ;) Bye and keep up the good work ! Magic Sam

  2. EDIT: if you have an m68k build, I can also help ;) Bye, Magic Sam
    PS: donation sent btw !

  3. Nice :)

    Got question…

    would it be possible to make last level (with last boss) harder? Possibly random cristals locations and/or mario like loop’s if you chose wrong ‘tunnel’?

    Just to have more fun?

  4. Glad to hear that ! :)

    I really hope you’ll release a Caanoo port. I already finished the game on my Wiz, that would be another good reason to play it again !

  5. @Magic Sam: not really needed, because we do the test on PC version. When it’s OK, we make this game public and do a nearly 1:1 port to other systems. Then you can test the public version of course. Version 1.0 will surely not be the final version (uh oh, I hope Kojote don’t read this, LOL)

    @Cmoses: nah, no more changes. There are some players, they don’t know the point to beat the final boss :) Here is one of many players:


  6. Will there be a Level Editor?
    Hope so :)

  7. hello please my question is
    which is v1.0

  8. detr: There wont be a level editor.
    rod: v1.0 is currently in private testing, there is no public release yet.


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