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v1.0 testing news

We are going to add options to v1.0 Рso the public release will take another bit of time. You will be able to have in-game volume controls plus  button/key configuration. After all v1.0 should be looking good :)




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  1. Many Thanx !! I see forward to play this release :-)

  2. My birthday will be on the 9th of october. Would be great to see the release of 1.0 then. That is the only present I want this year ;)

  3. @Victor: Your birthday better be on 9th November (or later) ;)

  4. Release 1.0 on 23 December , could be great :)

    Is 1.0 the final Release if no bugs exist ??

    any plan for a new Giana Sisters clone ?? a new one , no Mario and no Giana, with a new character ??

    Jump’n run games ROCK !!

  5. Many plans, no time ;)

  6. Sorry dudes, I found some bugs so we fall back to v0.001 :D


    I go back to Giana Sisters on Amiga now :-)


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