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Converting Levels to x240 has started! (done)

As the fake 16:9 view in Giana’s Return looks odd and even tinier on real 16:9 devices, we have decided to enhance the ingame levels from a 320 x 200 pixel display to 320 x 240 pixel.

24.08.2010 – Bonus Levels are hand converted!
25.08.2010 – Boss Levels are hand converted!
25.08.2010 – World 1 Levels are hand converted!
25.08.2010 – World 2 Levels are hand converted!
25.08.2010 – World 3 Levels are hand converted!
26.08.2010 – World 4 Levels are hand converted!
26.08.2010 – World 5 Levels are hand converted!
27.08.2010 – World 6 Levels are hand converted!
27.08.2010 – World 7 Levels are hand converted!



First donations :)

Thanks to sbock, stoni and relei for the first donations :)



Final wishes? Let us know!

It’s time to bring this project to an ultimate end and the version numbering already indicates that the game is almost in the state we want to have it.

What are your final wishes for the game?



Giana’s Return v0.999 (Windows, Amiga OS, MorphOS, NetBSD, Pandora)

The team has managed to update Giana’s Return! Not all ports are up to date yet, but the rest should follow.

Updated are: Windows and Pandora builds.

New are the initial ports for Amiga OS4Amiga OS4, MorphOSMorphOS, and NetBSDNetBSD (x86 & PPC). Hails go to Frank Wille.

Changelog for v0.999:

General changes:
– Extra credit screen to mention that we use Open-Source projects such as SDL, SDL_Mixer, libmodplug and zlib!
– Only tracked music remains in the game, the “OGG” solution has been dropped.
– Code is plain C now and should be even easier to port
– Plenty of “endian” fixes
– Various small fixes
– Modified “timings”
Computer Versions only:
– Experimental OGL support, to be activated with “-ogl” or “-ogl -hd” on desktop versions only. USE AT OWN RISK AND GIVE US FEEDBACK!

Enjoy the release! Join us on Facebook! Donate a few bucks if you want to buy us a coffee! Or just give feedback :)




New version ahead?

Sometime in July, most versions of Giana’s Return will see an update. There been many things going on with the source code and also a few new ports will be uncovered. Stay tuned!



Symbian AHOI!

S60v3 phone users might be happy to see a port soon! We have a first release client working! “Anotherguest” will be improving a few things and then a public release shouldn’t be too far away.



Giana learns to walk on MorphOS!

Giana has already made her first steps on MorphOS, but there is still time required to shape everything. Things are moving again!

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Giana’s Return v0.997 – Pandora

IS OUT! Please check the download section!

Thanks to Pickle for his porting efforts!



Giana for Pandora, soon!

Even if the Pandora is not out for the public yet, Pickle has a Dev-Pandora! Within the next few days we will release Giana’s Return for Pandora!

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Let’s play Giana’s Return

We’ve found some YouTube videos uploaded by xxxRanxxxKun. It contains a complete “Let’s Play” video of Giana’s Return with german comments while playing. You can check them out here

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