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Inofficial Trainer for Windows

Christian has made a “Trainer” for Giana’s Return. It’s inofficial and might not work for everyone, still we don’t want to hold this information hidden under a heavy brick. Please check the third post here:

Attention: This is a third party add-on, we DO NOT and WILL NOT give support for it.




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  1. Hey… nice… but what about a buildin hidden one? :>

  2. yes where is hidden one

  3. The official trainer is to secret to find :>

    Anybody know how many times must jump a bonus block (only 1 times) ? and is the sequence of the bonus blocks and the diamonds relevant or indifferent ?

    Questions over questions :>

    Will my inofficial trainer now work or not work ?

  4. About inoff… trainer – time stop works fine, infinity lives too, but when i jump into fire i die, however i didn’t lose energy while contact with creatures :)

  5. Oo… btw… I’m using win XP

  6. Cheeeeaaaaaateeeeers!!!11 :)

  7. @ CMoses

    That´s my first trainer sry that´s not work perfekt.

    The trainer was made for my 12 year old sister. she has killed one Keyboard with this game and i think that´s enough ;)

    unlimited energy will only stop the Energy while contact with creatures, bosses that´s correct. Good for the jumping balls Level.

    Contact with fire is another memory address that can not work.

    Note: When you turn on unlimited time, then you have unlimited time in the Level. Do you turn off unlimited Time, the time generator set the korrekt value in the memory and the Game will check & update the time.

    Example: you turn on unlimited time and play a level 30 minutes and then you turn off the unlimited time. The value 1800 seconds will write in memory and check und you will die.

    Solution: Turn off time trainer only on the beginning on each level or let the time Trainer on *g*

    I try to fix when i have time to debug with cheat enginge 5.5 :)


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