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GFX artwork goes on!

With help from our new graphics guy Evil-Ville the artwork is going on.

Just on a sidenote: Our coder is back from his vacation too ;)



Graphics fun!

[tHug] our current graphic arist seems to be extra busy or has disappeared, at least he does not appear online nor does he reply on emails… as we want to get things done, we are looking for someone to help out again.

Please don’t offer your help unless you know what it means to work on a large project. You need to be a skilled 2D pixel graphic artist, dealing with limitations suchs as colors and tile sizes.

Giana’s Return is freeware, so there is no money involved, therefor we can also not pay you anything.

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Vacation break!

The coder is on vacation soon, after that the project organizer is on vacation. The project will be delayed by 12 weeks. Release Q4/2008 or Q1/2009. This might be the last news before release anyway.



News stop

We will put the game on stop, till we recieve the promised beta tests from the “volunteers” who wanted to help. Probably they were just greedy about the beta.



Disappointing Pre-Beta Test

We’ve handed out two betas to people who seemed reliable, non of them were comming up with the promised beta test yet. This is pretty much disappointing…

Updates might not occour that regular anymore.



Giana might be on PSP!

MK2k ( ) who has already ported a bunch of games to the PSP, is highly interested in porting the final of “Giana’s Return” for all Playstation Portable useres out there.
Aren’t those excellent news? The list of people who are willing to port to certain platforms are steadily growing :)



Lend us 10 minutes of your time…

No further comment :D
Beside, THANKS MULLE! ;)



New video in action – soon!

Considering we recieve a new beta from our coder Monday night, our Beta-Tester Mulle will do few new videos on Tuesday. If everything goes straight everything should be up by Wednesday.

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Giana goes Linux with Wine ;)

We got someone testing the latest Win32 development build (5th June 2008) running on Linux (Ubuntu v8.04) using WINE v0.9.59 and it has been reported to work perfect, even with sound!



Soundtrack CD work has started!

Our music artist Alexander Oldemeier (Op3rator) has completly declared two tracks as final, this means that those two tracks are going to our mastering guy Scythoior. He will mix the tracks into radio-lengt tracks, means the track will be time extended to match the lenght of commercial music

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