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Giana’s Return goes Facebook

Now you can be a Giana’s Return fan on Facebook. Visit the page



Sqrxz – Status!

We are heavily working on SQRXZ! The game is fully playable, minor features and little bit of bugfixing is left.

Brief information: Jump’n’Run, Action, Puzzle, Remake, not the real follow up project – just something to refresh our minds.

We will be releasing for most major systems such as GP2x, Wiz, GP32, Dreamcast, Dingoo Linux (Dingux), Windows, Wii, PSP and possibly other systems. As we do have permission from the copyright holder and creator, we shouldn’t be running into any problems releasing for the systems mentioned above.

Prepare for the possibly hardest Jump’N’Run puzzler you have every played! If you can’t handle this game, you better go and play golf :)

(11. 05. 2010) Updates can be get via now :)



v0.998 Windows-Beta – More feedback required?!

We haven’t found any serious problems with v0.998 Windows (beta) on our own yet, but we still need you to provide more feedback. So far we only received one feedback via the comments in an older post.

Please slide down a bit, download the v0.998 beta for Windows and check if you find any bugs. Even if nothing is VISIBLE for you, this version contains changes in the playback engine for music and sound effects. We can’t go further with development with just one positive comment as it would be too unsure if there has been an oversight.



AmigaOS and MorphOS requests!

We got an offer from Frank W. to port Giana’s Return to AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS 1.x, 2.x and probably other AmigaOS based systems which we gladly accepted. He has not started the work yet, as we try to do the last tweaks and fixes to the main core. Once this is done the above mentioned systems should be served too.

On a side note we want to remind everyone again, that this project is free of charge and done in the team’s spare time. Please understand that certain things might take a lot longer than you would expect from a professional team. The whole team is busy with real life, job, university and their own families.



Giana’s Return v0.998 (BETA) – Windows

Here is an beta version of Giana’s Return v0.998 for Windows: – You will require the full v0.997 installation, the zip only contains an updated exe.

The main and only change is that we do use modplug for playback instead of mikmod. Please report any bugs, if we don’t hear from you guys out there… we will consider this beta a v0.998 final and go on with the next minor steps.

Other ports will be updated as soon as we know that our main version (read the Windows version) is fine.



Discover some secrets

Our organizer is very busy at the moment, therefore no news since 2 weeks. Now I am on keyboard to discover some secrets on Giana’s Return. You know the ARMIN cheat? Here we have one, too :)

See comments…



Did you know that…

…following us on Twitter might provide you with secrets about Giana’s Return you always wanted to know?



Giana’s Return goes Symbian OS?

We got mail from “anotherguest” who is famous for several ports to the Symbian OS platform. He is very interested in porting our little game, so should we go for it? :)



Tweet! Tweet!

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Bad Monkee -> Giana Sisters APP out on 9th February 2010

The “Bad Monkee” guys behind the iPhone version/port of the OFFICIAL Giana Sisters sequel, announced the release of “Giana Sisters APP” for 9th February 2010.

Here is a review of the Giana iPhone APP in German language:

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